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Hello Anne!

Very nice webpage and very well done, I was looking for some pics and found paradise! I hope to see Mark one time in a movie like "Troy" or "Alexander", he would deserve it!
To all Mark-Fans greetings from Geneva/Switzerland, Bisou :-)
4 January 2005 - Geneva, Switzerland

Webmaster comments  
Thanks :-) also has loads of nice pictures - plus an English version(and French).
I hope "Nomad" will do good things for Mark, as well as "Only the Brave".

How do you feel as a 40 year old man?
25 December 2004 - Slovakia

Webmaster comments  
I have no contact with Mark, so I can't give you a response.
My guess is that Mark is in VERY good shape for a 40-yar old man ;-)

I adore Mark Dacascos. I appreciate all your time & work on this site.
7 December 2004 - Mississippi, USA

Webmaster comments  

irene crisielda
hallo,mark!! i like u so much,specially u'r skill on martial arts..u inspire me to learn wushu..well,good luck in your life and never giving up ok!! hope u can reply me..
i love u,nd God bless you,mark!
3 December 2004 - beijing,china

Webmaster comments  
This is an un-official fansite and I have no contact with Mark, so you won't get a reply from Mark, sorry.

Beatka (Becia)
Jesteś moim natchnieniem
3 December 2004 - Polska

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, neither Mark nor I understand Polish

I think Mark Dacascos is hot in all of his movies especially Double Dragon and the Stairway to Heaven series as Eric Draven!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 November 2004 - AUSTRALIA

Webmaster comments  
Yes Mark doesn't really look too bad ;-)

Zatria Dacascos

I from Indonesia, i fans Mark Dacascos. i like of all you movie(acting). what is you new movie.

my real name is Zatriawan (as Zatria Dacascos).

for H.C. Andersen thank's for WEBSITE, is nice u job, i like it.

for all Mark Dacascos Fans say HELLO

Mark Dacascos ALWAYS SUCCES for U
26 October 2004 - INDONESIA

Mel Darts
I really enjoyed your website. Good luck in your work.
18 October 2004 - USA

Jake Brooks
Great Job!
13 October 2004

Stephen Nathan
Hey Mark Dascascos i do Karate and i am a first dan black belt i would like to know how do you do a jumping spinning kick. Also where can i learn yr martial art it sounds wicked. Thks
13 October 2004 - England (London)

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, Mark Dacascos does not read or respond in this guestbook and I have no contact with him - unfortunately.

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