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you are very handsome and love you
25 March 2005 - turkey

Webmaster comments  
I'll tell Mark you said so - if I ever see him again ;-)

Mark, first I hope that you and your family are well, happy and being creative.
Secondly, I believe your talent is being entirely wasted in most part. Plus the fact that I cannot get my hands on a copy of "Only the Brave", centering on the Japanese Americans who fought in WWII.
I wish you much luck in your film career.


Webmaster comments   Jo, the movie has not premiered anywhere so of course you can't get your hands on a copy yet ;-)
I believe a late summer 2005 premiere is being planned - or fall.

mary brewer
I am a big fan of mark's and you have
done a wonderful job with your website.
14 March 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments  

tu labai grazus
2 March 2005 - lithuania

Webmaster comments  
Can someone tell me what this means? I don't like having things in my guestbook that I do not understand. If you want to write in your own language, please add an English translation.

Hi! Mark

Happy Birthday
26 February 2005 - myanmar

Webmaster comments  
Indeed - many happy returns, Mark.

Georgiana Damian
i like so much. i don't have too many pictures with you but you are a verry special person .AND YOU ARE ALSO VERY HOOOOTTT!
8 February 2005 - Romania

Webmaster comments  
Hmmm - maybe I should consider putting up more pictures ....

I am a girl Geo. I just love Mark, he is the greatest. He looks good, he moves good, i could find a lot of stuff that i like at him! Love ya!
31 January 2005 - Romania

Webmaster comments  
I don't know if he cooks though ;-)

sonny sison

mark is very fortunate to have a fan like yourself. i'm one too. one thing i can tell you about mark, he is one of the most sincere and genuine people i know.
18 January 2005 - los angeles, california, usa

Webmaster comments   I always like to hear nice things about Mark - and I completely agree :-)

10 January 2005

Webmaster comments   Hiya yourself :-)

hi all im not a big Mark Dacascos fan but this has to be the best place to find info on him and the body work(paint,tattoo look a like) i have read almost every page on this site!!! think i will keep coming back too!
:-) keep the good work up :-)
5 January 2005 - Wales, United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Lee.
I guess I'll have to add more stuff to keep you coming back ;-)

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