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NOMAD rulezzzzz!!!!!!!!!
23 May 2005 - Germany/Kazakhstan

Webmaster comments  
YEAH! Tell me about it! Preferably with pictures!

i was disappointed when jet li beat you in your previous movie, so pls make movie being a good boy not an enemy.. thanks! goodluck on your upcoming movies. more power! i want crying freeman 2, make part 2 if u can.. god bless!
22 May 2005 - philippines

Webmaster comments  
I think Mark plays a good boy in Only the Brave.

Hello Mark! I really really love you. I wish you all the best and hope to see more of you on our screens. God bless.
18 May 2005 - South Africa

Webmaster comments  
I agree - hopefully Nomad and Only the Brave will appear soon.

hi, i think mark is really fit especially in drive
17 May 2005

Webmaster comments  
I believe Mark is always very fit - but he definitely demonstrated the best of his martial arts's skills in Drive.

Hi, just to let you know that in Belgium
the entire series of The Crow-Stairway to Heaven has been released on DVD.
O.V. in English with Dutch subtitles.
Big hug to all the fans
17 May 2005 - Flanders, Belgium

Webmaster comments  
That's GREAT news - who knows where it might be released next?

DeAnna Hughes
I love your wallpaper. I just love Mark Dacascos.
22 April 2005 - Ohio USA

Webmaster comments   Mark is a sweet guy - and not too badlooking ...... but preferably with hair ;-)

I really enjoy your movies! Especially since you are from Hawaii! You are one sexy actor!
20 April 2005 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Webmaster comments  
I don't know if Mark ever visits this guestbook - but I like your sentiment :-)

Mark Dacascos is the most sexy actor ever. I was in love with him as every girl was once in love with the star. I respect him as a wonderful God's creation, he is really beautiful, Julie Condra is very lucky (I think so, but who knows). I want to get marriage with the man like him...
19 April 2005 - Ukraine

Webmaster comments   Good luck in your quest to find a guy as nice as Mark ;-)


You got a really great page here. Keep up the good work!
17 April 2005 - Netherlands

Webmaster comments  
I'll try ;-)

What's up with the official Mark Dacascos website? The Man section has been under construction for over a year! Do you know anything about this?
3 April 2005 - Australia

Webmaster comments  
I suspect Mark Dacascos has decided to be more private with his personal stuff and that the personal pages won't be back. I have no idea why it doesn't say so on the webpage instead of pretending to be under construction.

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