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Kelly Dundas
When are you going to do another movie? You have such an outstanding talent and I am certain there are many people like me who would like to see your work again. Thanks.
31 July 2005 - Oregon

Webmaster comments  
Only the Brave and Nomad are the probably going to be the next new Dacascos movies you see.
Junior Pilot is finally out on DVD in the US I believe.

Yra Zydison Arpilleda

I would like to ask information about Mark Dacascos. He is my idol and actually, my brother's look alike. I wonder if he can tell me about himself.
28 July 2005 - Philippines

Webmaster comments  
Sorry, I have no contact with Mr. Dacascos - this is a fansite.

just a quick note - just love your web site, especially the interviews - when can we expect new interviews? How about new wallpapers?
8 July 2005 - here in sunny Hawaii (where Mark came from)

Webmaster comments  
Hopefully, there will be interviews in connection with the premieres of "Only the Brave" and "Nomad".
New wallpapers - when inspiration strikes ;-)

Hello. I am looking for more informations about the film Only the Brave. Can you help me? Thanks.
25 June 2005 - Slovakia

Webmaster comments  
I'm afraid not. All the info I have on my "Only the Brave"-page is stuff I have found by googling on the internet, and I haven't searched for new info since I uploaded the current version.
On the updates page, there are links to a few articles, but none are newer than my webpage.
No official page for the movie either as far as I know - yet, anyway. If/when I find one, I'll add a link to it.

Hello Ann . Greetings from Mexico City.Your site is wonderful. Congratulations!
20 June 2005 - Mexico City . MEXICO

Webmaster comments  
Thanks - and it is still there!

i want pictures of manis tattoo
18 June 2005 - Australia

Webmaster comments  
I am afraid the pictures already in the tattoo gallery are the best I can do.

trop beau
18 June 2005 - france, wattrelos

Webmaster comments  

aloha!pehea'oe?see,even started learning hawaiian because of mark and capoeira,too.i'll come to hawaii and visit him very soon.i know he'll be fond of me.i like him very much and telephatically i can see he is very nice.aloha and mahalo!
8 June 2005 - serbia and montenegro

Webmaster comments  
I can only see him on television ;-)

I would love your site better if the Mark Dacascos download wallpaper site work.
1 June 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments  
I could help you better if you told me which wallpapers don't work .....

Thanks for your share.It's a great website.
29 May 2005 - TAIWAN

Webmaster comments  
Thank you. I have fun making it, and I'm happy you have fun visiting it.

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