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maria carmen escudero
Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos , je tiens du plus profond de mon coeur et de mon âme , a vous remercier car je vous avais déjà écris et quelle ne fut pas ma plus grande joie lorsque j'ai reçue votre si magnifique photo. Cependant je vous écris pour vous féliciter vous un être humain hors du commun je tenais a ce que vous le sâchiez Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos . Vous avez un en vous un cadeau inestimable sachez le préservez, car vous avez en vous un talent exceptionnel . Je suis sincèrement désolée je ne parle pas un mot d'Anglais mais je parle Espagnol puisque ce sont mes origines, j'espère avec la plume de mon coeur et l'écriture de mon âme que vous trouverez une personne compètente afin de vous traduire mon petit message Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos . Vous savez moi j'écris des romans d'amour pour mon plaisir , ma passion est l'écriture .
Je vous souhaite avec toute la sincèrité de mon coeur beaucoup de bohneur parceque vous êtes un être humain qui le méritez plus que d'autres mon coeur le sait . Très chaleureusement et vous disant à très bientot et surtout votre vie ne sera que bohneur mais celà vous le savez déjà Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos Toutes mes amitiés les plus sincères a tout votre famille qui peut être très fière de vous Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos .
Très chaleureusement et au plaisir de vous revoir très bientot sur les écrans une personne qui a un très profond respect qui vient de son coeur à votre égard Cher Monsieur Mark Dacascos . Maria Carmen ESCUDERO.
21 September 2005

Webmaster comments   Je suis désolée, je n'ai malheureusement aucun contact avec Mark
Dacascos, et je ne pense pas qu'il lira votre message dans ce livre
But I found someone to translate your message:
Dear Mr Mark Dacascos,
From the bottom of my heart and my soul, I wish to thank you as I had
already written to you, and how great my pleasure was when I received
your nice picture.
However, I'm writing to you to congratulate you. You are an out of the
common human being, I wanted you to know it Dear Mr Mark Dacascos. You
have in yourself an invaluable gift, know how to keep it, as you have in
yourself an exceptional talent.
I am sincerely sorry, I don't speak a word of English, but I speak
Spanish as that is my roots ; I hope with the pen of my heart and the
writing of my soul that you will find a competent person who will be
able to translate my message, Dear Mr Mark Dacascos.
You know, I'm writing love stories for fun, my passion is writing. I
wish you with all the sincerity of my heart a lot of happiness because
you are a human being who deserves it more than others, my heart knows.
Very warmly, and hoping to hear from you, and above all hoping that your
life will be happiness only but you know it already Dear Mr Mark
Dacascos. All my most sincere kind regards to all your family who can be
very proud of you, Dear Mr Mark Dacascos.
Very warmly, and hoping to see you on the big screen again very soon,
from a person who has a very deep respect, coming from the heart toward
you, Dear Mr Mark Dacascos.
Maria Carmen ESCUDERO

aloha! how's everyone doing? i hope fine. i love you mark you're da best guy in da world! keep on rolling! aloha and mahalo!
15 September 2005 - serbia and montenegro

hi , Mark i am one of your fan .
i would like to tell you that i admire you and i like you very much . you are a great actor .i hope one day you will came in Romanian .
14 September 2005 - Romania

Webmaster comments  
One never knows where filming will take place - perhaps you will be lucky one day.

hello i am one of the biggest fan of mark dacascos but in my country it is hard to a young women to be a fan so i hope you will answer my message goodbye
13 September 2005 - algeria

Webmaster comments  
Sorry Hana, I have no contact with Mark Dacascos.

Really nice web and thanks for the promotion of Kazakhstan (i.e. putting some photos and giving some comments) :0)
I have to tell you guys you are amazing! I hope you will be visiting Kazakhstan again. All the best from Kazakhstan!
7 September 2005 - Kazakhstan

Webmaster comments  
Hi Laura,
I have a few more pictures here:

i'm really like your site! really cool site! especially the gallery!
yosh! mark's is really good actor.. i wish Nomad will in to Indonesia as soon as possible.. i am really want see him again in theatre!
7 September 2005 - Indonesia

Webmaster comments  
I agree - I would like to see Mark in the cinema too. Still no international release date for Nomad :-(

joan chen
we lost your phone number last nite, and i'd like to get in contac with you!!... could you give me your number again, mark?
3 September 2005 - in you pants

Webmaster comments  
Sorry Joan (or whoever you are), I don't have Mark's phone number - OR email.

info about marks tattoo in brotherhood of the wolf??
24 August 2005 - australia

Webmaster comments  
Could you be a little more specific with your question? I have the best pictures I could manage in the tattoo gallery. Like the hair extensions, he wore them for most of the filming, so he wasn't really able to get out of character.

hi is great no more words
24 August 2005 - nederland

Webmaster comments  
It's enough - thanks ;-)

Hi, I am a very big fan of Mark and of the Crow-Stairway to Heaven. My question is, where can I find this Series.
Please help me
4 August 2005 - Hungary

Webmaster comments  
Crow, Stairway to heaven series is available on DVD from
title: CROW (BOX 22 EPISODES) ean code = 8716777050484.

This would be European region 2 PAL DVD

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