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Michael truby
Just wanted to say Hi to Mark, I had met him in Beaverton, Or. through his uncle Ben Dacascos. His uncle Ben and I played music together. (both musicians, guitar.)
28 November 2006 - Beaverton, Or.

Webmaster comments  
Did you let Mark play the drums?

Pupitasari Anggradewi
yay! Thx a lot for the clip. I already got the small one. but I still try to Dl the large one. Wish me luck. It's already 51%. With this slow connection, I hope I can get it. Amin
Once again, thx a lot
26 June 2006 - Indonesia

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome.
I hope you have the big clip by now.

Sadyk Turan
I saw the film of Nomads. It was very nice. I found you in the role of Sarysh succesfully.

And I want to thank for your contributing to our history by the role of Sarysh in the film.

Sadyk Turan, a Kazakh from Turkey
7 January 2006 - Turkey

Andrea Blahová
I wish you Merry christmas and happy new year 2006.In my country is warm about 10degrees above zero.Andrea Blahová
11 November 2005 - The Czech Republic

Webmaster comments  
You too.

keeeeeeeeeeeeeep it up guy
7 November 2005 - awka

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sandy wasay
I can't believe that Mark was 26 in that "Doogie Howser" episode! He looks young now.
20 October 2005 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Webmaster comments  
The lucky guy has good genes :-)

mark is a very good acter some times i wish i could be in one of his movies get to know what it's like to be an actress along side mark and i love the fighting parts of his movies i wish i could fight like that
19 October 2005 - austraila

Webmaster comments  
Being an actress alongside Mark might mean you have to run a lot too, not just fight.
Running is easier ;-)

Nice page!
I like Mark Dacascos a lot. And I mean I lot. 'love Drive and Crying Freeman. I wrote him a snail mail in the late nineties and guess what, he sent me a 5R pic with his precious autograph. Yup, he really signed his pic for me!
4 October 2005 - Philippines

Webmaster comments  
And Mark is still a nice guy.

Andrea Blahová
When I was 10or 11 I sent story about beauty Dekendra.Mark is perfect fighter.I admire him.
3 October 2005 - Czech Republic

Dilian Dimitrov
Bravo.This site is great.
1 October 2005 - Bulgaria

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