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You are truly hot to me Mark!
17 June 2007 - Boston-USA

Webmaster comments  
Mark's cool too!

Rylee Priest
hey, hey, hey i totally love Mark Dacascos he is like the best actor i love him in The Crow: Stairwy to Heaven. He looks so so so hot!! i love him!! :) :) :) :)
17 June 2007 - Australia

Webmaster comments  
Yea - he was great in CSTH.
Which the Americans are finally getting on DVD :-)

Andrea Blahova
I met Mark in London. He looks very well. Andrea Blahova
7 June 2007 - The Czech Republic

Webmaster comments  
Lucky you!
Any details?

Hi from Mexico!!. Your site it's great and your comments too. I love Mark Dacascos since I was a little girl (10 years old) now I have 23 years old.
I hope that you can understand me becuase my bad english but I do my best. Kisses for you and for all Mark Dacascos fan.
I'll write soon.
30 March 2007 - Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico

Webmaster comments  
Thank you :-)
I have absolutely no problems understanding your English - don't worry.

Andrew Beck
Hi people I'm really looking forward to Jerry Bruckheimer doing the Prince of Persia. I was playing the game and it struck me that Mark looks EXACTLY like the Prince!!, so it would be great if we could somehow get a message through about this. who's with me? Marks perfect for the job! plus he'd still get to do loads of fighting! cool!
15 March 2007 - UK

Webmaster comments  
From your mouth to Jerry Bruckheimer's ear!

great page!!!!
Mark Dacascos is great!
He sent me some autographs and I can say Marks german is great ;-)
He is such a great person!!!

5 March 2007 - Germany

Webmaster comments  
Good to know he hasn't forgotten how to speak German :-)

happy bithday mark. i love you
27 February 2007

Luiz Eduardo
It has few images of the Mark in this version of the site.

Somebody knows when goes for those images (to wallpaper) of the old site in this new?

Thanks o/
17 February 2007 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Webmaster comments  
I am converting it to the new look - I hope to have the wallpapers back soon.

excuse me, i have one question. Is video on site(From "Dead On the Money") all scenes of mark dacascos from this movie?
13 February 2007

Webmaster comments  
The Scene is a few seconds longer, but otherwise, yes, that's all.

Good web-site. I like Mark Dacascos and his movies. My Favorite movie is Drive.
6 January 2007 - Azerbaijan

Webmaster comments  
Very good choice.

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