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Sophie Adam
Je vous félicite pour ce site consacré à Mark Dacascos, qui est mon acteur favori.
vous avez fait un très bon travail. et de bons documents. J'ai moi-même un forum qui lui est consacré.
Au plaisir de vous lire.
26 May 2008 - France

Webmaster comments  
Merci beaucoup :-)

Mr Dacascos is a very talented actor.I saw him in movies American Samurai and Only the strong.I have one question.Did capoeira was hard for him because i read on internet thathe had to use classes of capoeira,one big teacher learnt him.Greeting from Bosnia and a lot of luck fot this actor.Nedim-16
19 April 2008 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Webmaster comments  
I don't think capoeira was hard for Mark since he was already in very good shape and doing other kinds of martial arts.

Sorry for the late approval - somehow I am not notified of new messagse.

Mr.Dacascos is a very talented actor.His role was the biest in movie Only the strong.I have one question.Did capoeira was hard for him when he was preparng for the movie.because i read on net that he had classes with teacher of capoeira.I cant remember the name of the teacher.Greetings frm Europe and a lot of luck for this actor.Nedim-16
19 April 2008 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Its awesome to see that there are so many fans. Mark is my 2nd cousin and I'm sure he appreciates all the hard work that you put into this site!!!!
8 April 2008 - Denver, CO

Webmaster comments  
It's my pleasure.

Somehow I don't get notifications of new messages, so sorry for the late approval of your message.

Chrissy K. McVay
My award winning novel 'Souls of the North Wind' is currently being considered as a feature film. After seeing your role in 'Brotherhood of the Wolf', I hope you're on the top of the list if the screenplay is produced!
20 February 2008 - North Carolina, USA

Webmaster comments  
Sorry for my late approval - I have had notification problems.
Congratulations on all the 5-star reviews on
Maybe I should get a copy too ;-)
Do you have any say in the casting?

Mary S
I have been a fan of Mark since 1998 when I saw Only the Strong for the first time. He seems to be very nice, and he is very talented. I hope that he will be offered bigger roles and reach a wider audience, but I do not wish him so much fame that it hurts his personal life. I wish Mark and his family the best.
20 January 2008 - United States

Webmaster comments  
Sorry for being so late in approving this message - I think there's a problem with the notification.
Yes, fame and fortune for Mark - but in comfortable amoounts ;-)

Does anyone know where Mark lives?
Great website!!!!
20 January 2008 - Holland

Webmaster comments  
Somewhere in California is all I know.

Romi Ebeling
You website looks Great!! Thanks for info on Mark's I Am Omega DVD release date. I can't wait.

11 September 2007 - Lutz, Florida

Webmaster comments  
Only the Brave is coming out too - I'll just have to find the details.

I'm not speak English very well, but I want to say that I'm wondering your talant. I wish you far the greatest successes. I love you as a great actor. Since the moment I knew art.
3 September 2007 - Kazakhstan

Hi! I'm from Taiwan(a small country you may never heard). But I really like your website, it's GREAT!! Thanks for making this website so that I can know Mark more! Thank you^^b
18 June 2007

Webmaster comments  
Taiwan, birth country of actress Shu Qi!
Yes, I've heard of it ;-)
... you're welcome.

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