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omg, THIS IS THE best .Thanks so much for doing this. I love the latest clip on Mark and Lacey
16 September 2009 - CANADA

Webmaster comments  
It's my total pleasure - I just hope I can keep up ;-)

Sheila Roeder
I love this site! I'm the person who runs Lacey's official fan site-and I really appreciate your adding my link to your website:) I plan on adding your link on my website as well as a bio for Mark and a vote for Mark & Lacey page! I am very excited about this pairing as is Lacey's mom!!! Mark and Lacey are going to be the couple to beat this season!!! Mark definitely has the best partner on the show:)
22 August 2009 - Indianapolis

Webmaster comments  
Thanks :-)
Yes, they are - and Lacey got lucky too!
I can't wait to see what the two of them will do.
Is it September 21 yet?

lily langtry
I worked with Mark for a few years while He was in the Conan show. He was the most polite of all my actors and the most punctual. I'm always so proud to see how far he has come from the kid I worked with back in the day!
17 August 2009 - West Hollywood, CA

Webmaster comments  
Thanks for posting in the guest book - it's wonderful that you still care after all these years.

I hope you get to cheer on Mark in the Dancing With the Stars finale :-)

Thanks for comment on the FE blog. I really like your site; there are tons of fantastic info about Mark :)

Any plans to add a newsletter feature or RSS option? Would love to get updates as you add them to the site.
21 April 2009 - Netherlands

Webmaster comments  
You're welcome :-)
I never gave RRS much thought - maybe I should.

18 April 2009 - DARBY,PA.

Webmaster comments  
I love that too - and that he can do both funny and serious - and kick-ass ;-)


Sophie Adam
kikoo Severine H je ne sais pas si mon forum passera ici mais sinon tape sur un moteur de recherche Forum dacascos-mania bonne journee a tous
11 October 2008 - france

Webmaster comments  
Sophie - your forum is now listed on the link page.

Sophie Adam
Bonjour Anne
je suis venu faire un petit tour sur votre site et forum. j'ai pu admirer a nouveau certains articles que je n(avais pas lu !
Pour ma part ma collection se monte doucement. et le forum est assez calme.
A bientôt de vous lire.
11 June 2008 - France

Webmaster comments  
Pretty calm here too, but I have just added a few news items ...

Séverine H
Bonjour à tous ! Sophie tu peux me donner le nom de ton forum que je puisse m'y joindre. Je suis aussi fan de Mark depuis le jour où la série The Crow est passée à M6. Bravo à ce site, j'ai trouvé des infos intéressantes et de belles photos inédites de Mark.
3 June 2008 - France - Marne

Sophie Adam
bonjour Anne, je viens vous informer que j'ai pris la liberté d'ajouter votre site et forum sur le mien : Dacascos-Mania
de sorte que vous soyez aussi connu de nos citoyens français.
bonne journée
29 May 2008 - France

Sophie Adam
re-bonjour, je n'arrive pas a vous mettre l'adresse de mon forum sur un lien valide :(
27 May 2008 - France

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