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Donna Stolp
Hi Mark,
I have enjoyed watching you on Dancing with the Stars and Hawaii Five-O! I hcad met you many years ago when your mother was in the hospital in Milwaukee. I also met your grandmother. I used to work with your mother at the nursing home in Greenfield,we were good friends. I would love to say hello to her by email. Keep up with the good work you are doing . I know your mother is very proud of you!
12 May 2012 - Wisconsin

Lawrence Pybus - 2nd Kyu Aikidoka
Sempai Dacascos,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your documentary on Miyamoto Musashi, it is inspirational, just as is your life long dedication. I bow with the highest honor to you sir. Thank you again.
8 March 2012 - Heckmondwike, UK

Hi Mark,

In my eyes you are the greatest martial artist in Hollywood!!
It's a shame you don't appear in big movies. Producers WAKE UP!!!

By the way, m favourite movie is Drive.

Go on with the good work Mark.

Lots of regards from Holland!!

Deniz S.
30 October 2010 - Netherlands

Le Ster
Hi Mark,
I'm his career since "Double Dragon" a superb actor, a great master of martial arts.
I hope this site will turn into a CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

Good Continuation
19 August 2010 - French

Webmaster comments  
Why would you like the site to be a CMS?

hi mark,
greetings from Ireland.hope all is well.
i'm a big fan.when you were in the crow stairway to were great in it.
take care.
4 June 2010 - Ireland

Hi Mark,
Its Donna here.Great website.
Take care.
2 June 2010 - Ireland

Hi Mark,
Greetings from Ireland.My Name is Donna.I first saw you in the crow stairway to heaven.And i loved the were great in it.
take care.
2 June 2010 - Ireland

здравствуйте марк! ничего если я пишу на русском,с английским уменя проблема! просто в данный момент просто поговорить не с кем.
16 April 2010 - татарстан

Claudia-Janet Kaller
Hi Marc!
Many regards from Berlin, Germany! Hope you are doing fine and will surprise us with some great new movies. The sooner the better ;o)
2 December 2009 - Hamburg, Germany - travelling at the moment

Webmaster comments  
It can't be soon enough!

Christopher Lawson
Oh man, Mark is so friggin' gorgeous! I Cannot get enough of his amazing talent, and absolute beauty. I wish him good luck on this season of DWTS!
6 October 2009 - San Francisco, CA

Webmaster comments  
I totally agree with you!

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