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Fanart ...... of many different and delicious kinds

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09 August 2008
I am not an artist myself, so none of these pictures were created by me. Other fans of
Mark Dacascos have been kind enough to let me show their work.

If you have made some fan art related to Mark Dacascos and you would like to have it featured here, please contact me.

Mark Dacascos as Matt Reeves, drawn by Kuku
Mark as Matt Reves in Redemption. Made by Kuku from Japan, added June 2005.
Visit her website with the most beautiful drawings of Mark.
Big version 90 kb.

Crow mosaic by AllCrowedOut
"The mosaic was made for a college assignment, and I used The Crow for my design because that is my favourite TV Series and film of all! It's 39 cm long and 29 cm wide. I used glass tiles in shades of black, grey and white with mottled purple and pink tiles for the background to set off the black, I used PVA glue - it's white when wet but dries clear and white grout. It took 6 weeks to complete, the college course was one day a week for 6 weeks, from designing to completion.
Big version 162 kb.
Added August 2004.

Mani drawn by Jesse, 181 kb
Mark as Mani. Made by Jesse from Michigan, U.S.A., added April 2004.
The painting titled "Mani, Mystic Warrior" was 8" X 15 1/4" and matted out to be 11 1/2" X 18 3/4". "I use a mixed medium of Colored pencils, ink, watercolor, acrylic and lighter fluid on Matboard to, hopefully, achieve whatever effect I want for a piece. Mani was a magical piece and took only about 6 hours to finish. I mostly only do commission work."
Big version 181 kb.

Mani drawn by Mel
Mark as Mani. Made by Melanie from Germany, october 2002.
Pencil drawing.
Big version 102 kb.

Mark drawn by Nele
Mark as Draven. Made by Nele from Germany, summer 2002.
It was drawn in pencil, and then traced in black fine-line and the pencil lines erased. It's actually a sketch for an etching.
Big version 53 kb.

Draven with his guitar - watercolor by Nele

Draven with his guitar. Made by Nele from Germany, summer 2002.
It may not look it, but it's a water-color.
Big version 88 kb.

Mani thinking - colored pencils, by Nele
Soulful Mani. Made by Nele from Germany, summer 2002.
Inspired by a screen shot from Brotherhood of the Wolf.
"The background has no particuliar importance; it might be the light and dark Mani sees with his soul, or even the place his soul goes to after he is killed by the gipsies (by the way: this scene was terrible!). I used colored, water-soluble pencils and sometimes wetted the paper to make the colors run together." Big version 108 kb.

Pictures by Emiel Van Dongen from Holland. View more of his fan art . There is also a wallpaper by Emiel in the wallpaper gallery.

Emiel's first drawing Second drawing by Emiel Third drawing by Emiel Fourth drawing by Emiel

Fifth drawing by Emiel Sixth drawing by Emiel Seventh drawing by Emiel Eigth picture by Emiel

Ninth by Emiel

Ramona D. from Germany has made the next three. You can buy prints of them from
her Crow fan art website.

Mark drawn by Ramona D.
Mark. Was made for Gargoyle. Created summer of 1999.

Mark and Al Dacascos painting by Ramona D.
Mark and Al Dacascos. This painting was given to Al. Created April 1999.

Three Crows by Ramona D.
This was made before the Crow 3 movie, so the three Crows are from
L to R: Brandon Lee, Vincent Perez and Mark Dacascos. It was intended as an award for Daribus' Dacascos website. Created spring, 1999.

Maddy's Crying Freeman glass mosaic
This one was made by Maddy, and it took a week of solid work to make it. The stained glass is cut in different colored individual pieces for a total size of 15 by 17 inches. It's made in the technique called copper foil: after each piece is cut and the edges smoothened, a piece of copper foil is wrapped around each piece, and the solder clings to the copper. Then a metal frame is put around it all, and after that, a wooden frame is made, which hides the metal frame.
It was made in the summer of 1999 and given to Mark and Julie.

"Angel of Light" Fan art can also be a poem - here's Carla's poem inspired by the "Crow: Stairway to Heaven" tv-series.

Beki's drawing of the Crow
Beki's drawing of Mark as the Crow.

Slik painting of Mani
Moni and Pascale tried their hands at silk painting.

Shazz's pixel art Mani
Shazz's pixelart Mani.
German pastry chef Frieda has a way with marzepan.
But I really can't imagine anyone wanting to bite Mark's head off .......

Mark and wolf made of marzepan
Mark and wolf made of marzepan
Mark on surfboard - made of marzepan

Marzepan Mark on a chocolate horse, front
Mark on a horse, side
Mark on a horse, back

RIPDraven works in clay .....  

Statue of Mark as Mani, front
Statue of Mark as Mani, back

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