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18 May 2012 - a little info about the site

The Beginning

The site was uploaded to its original address, October 29, 2000, and is the oldest existing fan site for Mark Dacascos. Those that were older have disappeared. is only a few months younger, but it hasn't been updated for a couple of years. .dk means that the first version was hosted in Denmark where I live - the current one is hosted in the US.

Because it was originally a Danish site, that is the reason some of the wallpapers are marked - they were still made by me.

May 2006 I bought and I've been here ever since.

The site is made by hand, meaning I type everything in Notepad, making liberal use of copy and paste and the design - such as it is - is totally my own. I am not a professional designer or web creator, which sometimes can be quite challenging when hackers decide to target my site.

Mark and me

I have been fortunate to meet Mark face to face twice - once in Paris in 2001 for the premiere of Pacte des Loups, along with three other fans. The meeting was arranged via Mark's webmaster. The second time was November 2007 in California, when I attended a convention. Mark wasn't a guest at the convention but invited me for Sunday brunch at a famous pancake restaurant.

It's been so long that I'm not quite sure why I decided to make a site - I was inspired by Mark in either Crying Freeman or the Crow TV series. Later on when Mark was in Brotherhood of the Wolf, it was made even more interesting for me because it was filmed by Danish DoP Dan Laustsen, who filmed Mark again in the second half of Nomad.

I also joined the DacascosMark Yahoo group and connected with other Dacascos fans, and I am still in touch with some of them.

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